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Blizzard Introduces 'StarCraft 2′ Patch, Prefers Its Own Mods To ...
By Brian Warmoth
Blizzard's welcoming a few changes to "StarCraft 2" via a version 1.1.0 patch that is now live, but they're balking at urgings from users to distribute player-made mods in favor of crafting their own right now. ...
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StarCraft 2 1.1 patch imminent : PC Gamer
By Tom Senior
If you're logging on for some early morning Starcraft 2 tomorrow morning, and find that you can't get on to Battlenet, don't panic! Starcraft 2 will be receiving its first big balance update. Read on for what we know so far about the ...
PC Gamer -
Starcraft II Patch 1.1.0 Deployed On Servers + Patch Notes ...
By Cristian Masala
(Mac only) Moved StarCraft II data files and settings from the Documents folder into the Application Support folder. Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision has been added. To experience StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in 3D on your desktop or ...
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Blizzard has rolled out StarCraft II patch 1.1
By Gamefreaks
Blizzard has rolled out its first major update for Starcraft 2, patch 1.1. Blizzard says that patch 1.1 will contain, a number of improvements including additional mod features, Editor improvements and some bug fixes.
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HD Starcraft 2 TheLittleOne v Dimaga g2 p2/2
By admin
Is it possible to become a film director and a cardiologist at the same time? » HD Starcraft 2 TheLittleOne v Dimaga g2 p2/2 .... HD Starcraft 2 oGs.Chita v oGs.Mystic p4/4. about 1 week ago - 25 comments · Crows Zero 2 Movie Part 11/14 ...
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Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy - Ultimate Terran Strategy for SC2
Want a Starcraft 2 Terran strategy that will help you dominate all? You don't want to miss this Terran strategy!
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Starcraft 2: Live Commentary and Playthrough – Mission 1 by tejb ...
By iPad Click here to watch SND with the intervention without sleight of hand pro. Starcraft 2: Live Commentary and.
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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – Protoss Gameplay Video ...
By admin
Starcraft 2 – SC287 – Socke (P) vs Goody (T) on Delta Quadrant. about 3 days ago - No comments. Protoss vs Terran on Delta Quadrant Perhaps one of the funnest and closest games I've ever seen. StarCraft 2 – Wings of Liberty – Patch 1.03 ...
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Blizzard Making Their Own Starcraft 2 Mods | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
By Jim Rossignol
Game Informer have been chatting to Dustin Browder, lead bossman on StarCraft 2, and at the end of the interview, when asked about the other installments of.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun -

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